Personal Narrative: Our Lady's Inn

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For my service on the Plunge, I first went to Our Lady’s Inn, where we talked to a woman working there, watched a video on their mission, and took a tour of the building. I then went to Grace Hill Preschool, where two girls and I helped out in a classroom. At Grace Hill we did a number of tasks including, helping them follow along in a book being read to them, playing on the playground and teaching and singing songs about daily tasks, such as tying their shoes, or packing their backpack. We finished the day at St. Vincent Depaul where we heard 5 women tell their story and experiences with poverty. Overall, I was very impressed Our Lady’s Inn. I didn’t know St. Louis offered different specific homes for those in need. Our Lady’s Inn is a nonprofit …show more content…

Their Mission is, “We are committed to providing quality comprehensive services for the child and his/her family. Our activities are geared toward nurturing the growth and development of the children enrolled, involving parents in the program and providing them with opportunities to enhance their understanding and knowledge.”. This is where I actually did my service. I was placed in a classroom with 21 kids from the age 3-5. Immediately after walking into the room, a number of them got up from their storytime and hugged us and drug us over to sit with them. The little girls I was sitting with and playing with all day were fascinated by me, my hair, my glasses, and my school skirt. My adventure at Grace Hill consisted of the little girls pulling me around the playground, playing with my hair, kissing my hands and cheeks, or sitting on my lap. They were so excited to have some new faces and to get one on one …show more content…

Vincent Depaul where we heard talks from 5 different women who are apart of the Let’s Start Program. The Let's Start Program aims to break the cycle of incarceration in families by working with formerly incarcerated women and their children to support recovery and reentry, mitigate the impact of parental imprisonment, educate the public and inform policy. These women really left a lasting impact on my life and the way I view society. My outlook on life has always been very narrow. I grew up in a family situation where both my parents were employed, all three of my brothers and I attended catholic grade school and high school, and my brothers all graduated from University of Missouri College. Sure, there were times of struggle and financial burdens, but our issues are nowhere near comparison to theirs. It really makes you think twice before

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