What Is Like To Live Away From Home

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Anna Nicolle J. Francia DFR4 Expressive essay Outside the Cocoon Do you what it is like to live away from your family? Yes? No? If no, have you ever thought about moving out of your parents ' house then start living on your own? Sounds fun right? That’s what I thought at first too. Before the school year started, my parents bought a condominium for me to lodge in during my stay in college. But I was not aware that living away from your family takes in a lot of obligations like taking care of yourself, budgeting everything, and thinking more maturely. Living alone as a student is very tough. One of the reasons why is that you have to take care of yourself. Though you have more freedom because you’re in an environment where your parent are not around, you have to do everything on your own! This includes doing housework, preparing your own meals, waking up early on your own, and other things that you don’t usually do because your parents do it for you. During moments like these, I feel homesick because I’m not…show more content…
It is one of the most important things that one can learn from living away. The distance from home has taught me how to deal with the different events and problems that occur in school and at home, even without my parents ' help. Putting everything in order was also a lesson I learned. You need to prioritize the things that needs to be done to make your living be more manageable. I always make a schedule of the things I 'll do for a day in order to know which activity comes first or which one is the hardest, so that I 'll know what to prioritize. Living away also teaches you the skill of decision making, and that you have to think first before you act. From this, you 'll learn how to resolve things and decide for yourself. Sometimes you 'll make mistakes, but that 's all a part of the development cycle. And eventually, you 'll realize that these mistakes will help you become a better person in the
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