Personal Narrative: Pacific Paradise State School

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I was at school happily living in Australia on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It was 2011, and I went to a school called Pacific Paradise State School. It was my second year going there, and I was in the third grade. My big sister, Lucy, had been doing band the last year, and now again. I wanted to do band, as they were for the first time, letting third graders in the band, so I asked her, “What instrument should I play, Lucy?” She answered, “Well, we have some flute, clarinet, and trumpet spaces left, which one of those do you want to play?” I thought about it, and finally decided I wanted to play the flute. So I told her and she thought it was a good choice, so we set up an audition. It was on a Wednesday after school. We met up with the…show more content…
I was supposed to come to school 40 minutes early every other day for practice. So over the weekend I got the required things, the beginning band book, a stand, cleaning supplies, and a plastic sleeve binder. We went to a store called Shake It Up Music to get all of this. I also started to practice and learn some notes, so I can get a little bit of an early start. Monday came a little too fast as I was pretty worried about band, but I knew it was going to be an interesting experience. First thing we did was get our seats. Then we began to play and learn songs. The year went on and after two months, I was advanced. Mrs. Payne told me I was moved up into Senior Band, along with another boy named Eli. We now had to go early every morning, because we still had to go to Junior Band to help the others. Time flew by, filled with festivals, one of which I had a solo and won a first place certificate, early mornings, and playing instruments everyday, in class, and practicing at home. At the end of the year came the arts awards ceremony. Dance was there, band, and orchestra. There is the award for best player, of your group, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. I knew that I was going to win Junior Brass Player of the Year. The ceremony had started and I sat down, waiting for my wonderful
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