Personal Narrative-Paid Analysis

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I thought we are going to present in front of the class that’s why I prepared myself the day before. I spent five minutes thinking about my paper. Made my ideas in the rows and talked about them with my mom. I think the speech planed helped a lot. I used to use a similar technique when I had a speech coming. It makes me to concentrate on the main topic and don’t go over it. Sometimes I made my topics longer because I don’t want to forget what I’m going to talk about. Speech plan can make things complicated as well. What if we are short on time and we need to jump of the few topics. Because we memories the speech plan is hard to jump off from our topics and that can be problem. I don’t have any problem with discussing my problems with others. I didn’t make any…show more content…
I think people in the same age group share the same problems in their lives. It’s different for every on but at the end its something. We sat on the cafeteria which wasn’t as busy that we think it would be. So there was no problem on focusing what were other saying. The conversations got more interesting after we discus each other problems more. As I said because we had the same problems listing and knowing that someone else have the same problem like you is fun. At least you would know you’re not the only person in the world with that problem. When I was presenting I tried to have an eye contact with every one which was very hard on cafeteria tables. I changed my thon of voice to make a difference for them and when I moved from on topic to other I made it clear so they know they would listen to another topic. I think i need to improve my body movement because I can get more attentions with that and try to make more eye contact in the way that listener think im talking direct to them. Meanwhile I was working to have conversation with others after we present. I tried to listen and focus on what everyone were saying and do my best to don’t think about something
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