Personal Narrative-Paid As A Soccer Team

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Has there ever been something that you pushed for or strived for as a team? For my soccer team, that was the end of season playoffs. In the spring of 2016, my team had finally earned the coveted spot of being one of the top four teams to qualify for the playoffs. After having an excellent season with only two losses, my soccer team was one of the top four teams to earn a spot in the GAASA tournament. But on the day of the semi-finals, my soccer team had a big problem. Due to summer vacations, we were missing a third of our team which left us with only enough kids to play. We didn’t have any subs. It was going to be a tough and hot eighty minutes of running with only a quick half-time break. However, we had faith and were ready for anything the other team could throw at us. My soccer team won the coin toss to see who got the ball first. The game started out pretty even with neither team having a clear advantage. The last time we played this team it was a very close game, but we had worn them down and scored a goal late in the game. I was worried that this time they would do that to us since we were playing without any…show more content…
As round five approached, I was chosen to take the last penalty kick. It was down to the other team 's top shooter and me. He shot as I held my breath. Our goalie fully extended his hands and was able to just barely make the save. “Yes”, I whispered as I let out a sigh of relief. It was all down to me as I approached the ball. The tournament game was in my hands and I wasn 't about to let it slip away. The ball was on the penalty linE but I could barely think, it felt like I had bees in my Stomach. I took three steps back and one to the left. To trick the goalie, I stared at the left side of the goal for 3 seconds. Then I took off, leaned back, hit the ball with my instep, and launched it into the air. The goalie lunged left, the ball sailed into the upper right corner of the goal, right where the goalie didn 't go. “Goal,” we all screamed! We
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