Personal Narrative: Paige

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Paige, I have discovered that you have the most amazing gross motor skills. A few weeks ago I changed the swings around with you in mind. I know that you have really good coordination and you love playing outside and extending yourself physically. So I took down all the swings on Rimu’s side of the playground and replaced them with a ladder, a trapeze and two sets of rings. It wasn’t long before I noticed you using them, and I must say I was really surprised what you could do on them. “Jacqui, Jacqui, come watch me,” you said to me. So off we went to the playground so I could watch you perform various tricks on the trapeze. I captured lots of photos of you hanging upside down, doing flips, and contorting your body into various positions, but the highlight for me was seeing you hanging upside down with no hands on the trapeze. Wow, Paige you blew me away with your skill and expertise on the trapeze. I was so excited that when your Mum came to pick you up I asked her if she had seen what you could do on the trapeze. Mum told me that you have your own swing set unit with a trapeze on it at home and that you love playing on it. No wonder you are so proficient…show more content…
Learning to use the trapeze takes great concentration, gross motor sills, and perseverance. It is not easy to learn how to hang upside down without holding on using your hands. This shows me that you have great confidence in your own abilities, you know what you can and can not do. You are also good at persevering at difficult tasks and do not give up until you have mastered them. It would have taken you a long time to master the trapeze and you should be very proud of your achievement. Paige, developing the learning disposition of perseverance will stand you in good stead for all the future challenges you encounter in your future learning journey and in life in
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