Personal Narrative: Panama City Beach Florida

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This world is full of exciting places that have different values and meaning. I’m only 19, so I haven’t had a chance to experience the entire world yet. However, spring break 2014, I visited what I consider one of the best places on earth, which was Panama City Beach Florida. My time there was filled with nothing but good experiences, sleepless nights, and never ending fun. Panama is a very popular vacation destination during spring break for students because the parties never end, transportation is unpredictable, and the beach is always the place to be. Being in Panama was a crazy experience that was definitely one of the best moments of my life. When we first arrived, we did not know what to do first because there were so many possibilities. The beach sounded like a good starting point. The beach was filled with students from all across the United States, so we met many different people upon our arrival. The view of the beach was amazing, it was near our hotel, so the path was a straight shot. Our time on the beach was spent soaking up vitamin D, scoping out hot college guys, and watching the beautiful…show more content…
Bright lights and people screaming at the top of their lungs greeted you as soon as you stepped out the night, you can catch people walking, riding scooters, or riding in their cars with the music blasting. My friends and I decided to rent a scooter. It was so fun riding up and down the strip, blowing our horns at everyone we passed. Parties were always happening, so it was hard to miss out on any of the turn up. Clubbing mostly consisted of music blasting and dancing shoulder to shoulder next to complete strangers. Panama was exhilarating. When you are in Panama, there is no such thing as sleep because nights turn into mornings, and the adrenaline of never knowing what is about to happen next keep you
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