Personal Narrative-Parody Self Analysis

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Everywhere I go, I wear a different personality. I may be faking a laugh. I may pretend to be engaged. Or even simply nodding my head. It is hard to understand my emotions towards individuals, whereas I feel differently. If people really knew the deception they see when I’m around them, they would look at me differently. What is the false truth that others see? They vary from my personality I wear at school, to the one I wear around friends. However, my variety of acts are very different from each other. They carry contrasting feelings that others are not aware of. I act very passive around the people I do not like, a student at school, and a wild/cheerful self around my friends. I am pretty passive when I talk to people I disagree with. My falsehood around people I don’t like can be very noticeable to people who know me pretty well. Consequently, I am not my cheerful self around others. A fake laugh is a key component. Ordinarily, when I fake a…show more content…
My last trait is more of a laid back. A fun self. It is the habitual mind frame I wear around my friends. My friends see the real me. The 14 year old freshman that’s not quite know what he is doing. The teenager who fools around. I come off as energetic whenever I am around my friends. I have the most fun when I am around people that I bond with. People who I connect with indeed. My best friends bring out the best of me. They not only bring out the positive traits of me, but they put away the negative traits of me. My friends form me into someone I want to be. Not someone that I pretend to be. Listening to my friends makes me genuinely engage and listen to what they say. I will be more than willing to listen to their problems and help them out. Furthermore, My friends are also there to support me with any problems I may be facing. They listen to my problems and engage with I have to say. My friends provide useful feedback that helps me out. The way I act around my friends is a symbol of joy. It shows the real
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