Personal Narrative: Pass Minus

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At times in life, we may experience a chain’ of mishaps as part of our destiny. I had such an unpleasant events last Sunday, where everything went wrong. I am not an extremely skilled person to deal with such hectic situation. Usually in such situations I used to dent out of shape. However, after 29 years of alive, I’ve learned how to tackle the unfortunate moments of life and it really comes down to heaving the right conscience. Anyhow, let me pen down the current series of mishaps I’ve gone through. Last week I had my mid- semester break, even though I couldn’t call it as break as I have two project works to get done. Morning, I received my first ever pass on a college assignment. Actually it was a pass minus, which means I was close to failing, and it was for my optional, Fashion and cosmetics. I had many regrets for choosing those two optional, but there were no choice as my O’ level result was only an average.…show more content…
I was totally feeling like a fish out of water, on the day I received feedback on my assignment. At that point I became really worried and I had all these terrible thoughts in mind such as “what if I fail?” and what if I have to repeat another semester?” As I being on a level of distinction average, I’ve never failed anything in my life and a pass minus was just contributing to my low self-esteem. I got a pass minus, so I thought of putting more effort and I have no idea how to tell my parents. I need to tell them today before they know from someone else. I was really scared to tell them because they were really strict and I had no idea how the will
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