Personal Narrative: Paterson

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“Paterson”. That is the reply I give when asked where I reside. Then, I am met with the disdainful expectation that comes with my city. I would like to say that where I come from does not define me. However, the truth is, it often does. Living in Paterson has made me long to excel. I yearn to dispel the commonly held belief that all who hail from Paterson are ghetto, lazy, or unintelligent. Paterson is so much more, and so am I. Furthermore, in my youth I attended a minuscule Catholic academy that no one has heard of, Blessed Sacrament. And just as small as that school is, is how small I felt each time people who did not know me, determined my worth with a single word. This constant appraisal has caused me to become more open-minded and accepting…show more content…
Allowing others to permeate my mind, dispel my own ignorance, and open up to their cultures has made all the difference. I have made new friends and learned from their experiences while securing the ties of friendships past. Along with my acceptance I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I yearn to broaden my horizons and create opportunities where none can be found. Some may say the most important aspect of a high school education is maintaining grades. While grades are important, what do they matter if nothing is learned? I believe that actually learning can be the difference between doing it without cause and getting something out of high school, and out of…show more content…
She instilled in me that education is the gateway to a better life. School and education have always been important to me, as has being my own person. Leading, and not expecting things to fall into place, but working for them, that is how success is achieved. Among the other lessons my mother has taught me, without even meaning to was her form of charity and citizenship. When I was young, if she saw litter she would always pick it up, stating “If we don’t pick it up who will?” Her rectitude taught me to take the initiative in my education and in my community. By being accepted into The PCTI chapter of the National Honor Society, I hope to further my education while also developing my character and defining what exactly it is I wish to accomplish in life. I hope having other like minded, self driven peers and mentors surrounding me will push me to reach my potential while I aid them in doing the same. The National Honor Society is more than just another accolade to me. It is a pillar of education and citizenship. It would attest that I have worked diligently enough, studied long enough, and cared deeply enough to be a part of something much bigger than
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