Personal Narrative: Patricia

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“I love helping others, making people feel good in anyway makes my day brighter.” That’s a statement I have heard my mother, Patricia, say plenty of times. Patricia is a very patient, caring, and loving woman. She has and will put everyone else’s needs before her own. There are not many days when she does not have a smile on her face no matter what is going on. She will tell you in a minute, “Be grateful for what you have even the small things, smile about what you have and do not worry about the rest.” Standing at five feet five inches and 163 pounds, she is not a very big woman but her joyous giving spirit is huge. Patricia learned the hard way how to make the most out of nothing. She grew up in a home with eight brothers and sisters.…show more content…
She would always say, “To see how ladies faces light up after seeing the finished look of their hair made her feel like she had done a great service for them.” To know that she could help women feel good and beautiful was a wonderful feeling. After she graduated high school, she decided to go to cosmetology school to become a licensed hair stylist. She always made sure to keep up with the latest hair styles and trends people were wearing. To say she loved doing hair was an understatement. She was one of the best hair stylists in her city. Patricia went on to eventually open her own salon with her mother as the receptionist. After doing hair for almost 20 years the effect of being around all the chemicals used in the salon took a toll on her. She ended up being put in the hospital a few times and decided she had to stop doing…show more content…
She is such an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. To see someone having a bad day is to see someone in need of a smile. Patricia has an interesting way of being a blessing to others. She is an angel in disguise. It takes a special person to always want to brighten the lives of others. It takes an even more special type of person to have enough love and patience to work with children society calls “not normal.’ She will give her last to those in need. She has influenced me to be just as giving and loving to others. She makes the biggest problem seem so small and she helps take the worry away. If more people acted like Patricia the world would be a much better
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