Personal Narrative: Pensacola Beach

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The voices of the glistening blue sea will obliterate your stressful mind. When I felt like I was going through a midlife crisis, I grabbed my flip flops, swim trunks, tank top, sunscreen, and lounge chair; while heading toward the Pensacola Beach. A person will be amazed by what they see, hear, feel, smell, and taste at the beach. Although, tourist attractions in Pensacola are marvelous, they’re well-known for having refreshing seafood.
When I first stepped foot on the beach, I saw a massive red and white beach ball; spelling out Pensacola Beach. A flock of seagulls soared to shore to search for food. People at the beach were blasting music out of their cooler and dancing. I positioned my rear-end in my lounge chair while drinking a Virgin Daiquiri. The Virgin Daiquiri was filled with juicy strawberries with a cherry on top, it was extremely mouth-watering. I witnessed carefree children running across the beach while holding kites gleefully. An older couple strolls the beach with metal detectors searching for treasure. A group of adults drunk socially enjoying the beautiful scenery. I took photographs of the sand, palm trees, people, and the ocean too. After relaxing in the blazing sun, I decided to take a swim.
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My feet started to descend through the ocean floor, because of the slushy sand at the bottom. The water smelled like a mist of fresh air and seaweed. I spotted three surfers gliding across the tides like penguins, splashing water in my mouth. The water left an undesirable salty taste in mouth, it was horrible. When I exit out of the lagoon, I notice my skin felt precisely smooth as a baby 's bottom. I went to the restroom to wash the gritty sand off me. However, it was a tedious process. Even though the beach was relish, I departed from the beach; heading towards the
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