Reflective Essay On Camel's Backpacker

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Getting shoved in a locker is a cliché that accompanies arriving at High School, but for me was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The terror that reigned over my mind soon turned to vengeance and hatred for myself and those who pushed me to this place. “Not everything changes you for the better,” my mother had said multiple times to me before the camel’s back broke. Being shoved in a locker sticks in my mind same as chewing gum to a shoe. I was the strange child, I still am the strange child in the class. I wasn’t afraid to tell people what my opinion was about them or their ideas. I wasn’t afraid to find common interests with new friends and share my experience stories with them. More importantly, to me at least, I wasn’t afraid to talk about: my depression, my anxiety or even my bipolar and the feelings of ups and downs that those ‘illnesses’ had put the emotions and mental state I have through. “Everything changes when you arrive at HIgh School,” and, “it’ll be the best years of your life,” I’ve even heard, “you’re going to miss being in school.” I will tell you that while I will miss the three friends I have here in High School, I’m never going to miss the resentment and self hatred that followed my soul all through the first semester of Freshman year that I’m still working through. Freshman year, the first semester, I was shoved in a locker so far that one of my…show more content…
Do you really want to be a dropout?” Those words affected me. I realized after my days on end of coming home early, or just not going, that I was not going to be allowed to keep my dream if I didn’t work for them and push through each day; even if it meant being tormented. I decided to finally fight
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