A Visit To Nigeria Essay

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ARRIVAL: I still remember how excited I was when the plane landed, I unfastened the seat belt as fast as I could, even before the plane stopped moving. I was happy to be there, but sad because I knew that after a short time I 'd have to go back to the country I lived in and go back to my usual boring routine. I was excited while loading all the luggage in the trunk of the car ready to take me to my last Destination. Looking out the window of the car, from seeing well-dressed people, big houses to seeing small houses and Markets that smelled of spices. Workers with scooters, some with wheelbarrows loaded with big bags of rice, carrots, lemons, edible leaves in a nice and simple black basket. STUCKED IN TRAFFIC: I watched from the dark screen…show more content…
I like it because of how colourful it is, the smell, and noise and chatting, sales people calling you, trying to convince you to buy from them, telling you why their products are the best in the market. MEAN PEOPLE IN OUR FINE COUNTRY: I still love Nigeria although in the police force there are lots of corrupt officers, officers that stops people on the road threatening to take them to the station and lay allegations on them if they don 't bribe them, officers, that thinks every boy must probably be into something, even after searching and finding nothing, they 'll still accompany you to the ATM to withdraw large sum of naira from their own personal account to pay for NOTHING. “Get out of this office or I 'll tear your file,” he said. looking at my direction. I helplessly looked back to see who he was jeering at, at my back was a closed door. “he couldn 't possibly be yelling at a door” I thought. So, I stood perplexed looking at the big furious immigration officer. "Hey you madam, you nor dey hear word? I say get out I don 't want to see you in this office." he was yelling at me in the presence of 10 other citizens. With the excuse "people too many inside here" while other 5 people walked
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