My Childhood Memories Of My Life-Personal Narrative

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June 20, 2002 was when I was born in Xalisco Tepic, Nayarit. In the arms of my mother and father, during my life in Mexico I was 1 at the time my birthday was coming up and my parents planned ahead. My parents invited all our friends and family and invited the whole people, it was a huge party that was planned. That night when the party was over and everyone was asleep, my parents have argued and decided to leave my home country and move north to California. As time passed and everything was planned, my moms friend helped us cross to the U.S for a better life and fortune for us and for me and my future. My mom drugged me to fall asleep and not make any noise when we were crossing and hid me underneath a car seat, she hid on the ground with blankets and pillows stacked on top of her. It…show more content…
I was a smart kid, I would wake up each morning making food and tuck myself in at night by myself. I was lonely painfully lonely I cannot explain the pain I felt as a child, but no kid doesn’t have the right to go through the stuff I went through. But to shake it off my mind, I would hang out and play with all the kids out in the streets. A year passed by my father and mother started fighting day and night my father would even physically abuse my mother even when she was pregnant with my Lil brother. At the time I was 5 I didn’t knew what to do but cry, praying to god to help my family. I hold much respect for my mother, she had 3 jobs, my father had 2 but was alcoholic, he would sometimes make excuses to leave and drink. The whole side of my father 's family hated my mother they didn 't even want my parents to get married, but except one person, my abuela. My abuelita was a strong, independent woman not other than that she was a kind generous woman. She even broke into a hospital to see me be born, I loved my abuelita she was a second mom to
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