Personal Narrative: Personal Observation

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On Friday 22 January 2016, I was involved in an incident that resulted in two Rangers, SFC Chimere Chuta and SGT Byran Dent, receiving a citation for disorderly conduct. I was out with several Non Commissioned Officers from my SLC class and Rangers from different NCOES school/class. Early in the evening I decided to drive and not drink; however, at the end of the night I ran into SFC Steve Lloyd, my former 2/75 Squad Leader, and we decided to take a shot of alcohol together. Not feeling comfortable to drive back to Fort Gordon, I decided to take a cab and not risk the chance of getting a DUI. As the cab was arriving, SFC Matthew Morcus, who is my classmate in SLC, got into a confrontation with four individuals (three males and 1 female). SFC Morcus and 'individual one ' were engaged into an argument, I diffused the situation and got majority of my classmates in the taxi cab. As I was about to enter the cab when I notice SSG Chuta and SGT Dent were not in the taxi. I looked down the street (approximently half a…show more content…
I was brought to the ground and landed on my right shoulder, leaving a abrasion, while on my back I saw a tall African American individual “individual two” come over and attempted to kick me. However, my classmates came to assist me; I managed to roll “individual one” over and I obtained the dominate position (mount). While in the dominate position, I continued to defend myself until I was separated from “individual one”. I later found out from one of my SLC classmates, SSG Byron Blanchard, that the female of the group pulled out a knife while I was in the dominate position and was working her way towards me before SSG Blanchard intervened. Throughout the incident I did not see SSG Chuta or SSG Dent until they were detained by the Richmond County Police
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