Personal Narrative: Playing On The Soccer Field

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As a young child, endless summer days, evenings under stadium lights with my friends and family at the park brings back fond memories. Davidsonville Park has been a big part of my childhood and impacted me as I grew up spending countless hours on the baseball field, playing soccer and fishing in the pond around the park trail which was fun as a kid and even now as a young adult. I always had a good time at the park so all of these positive childhood memories make the Davidsonville Park very special to me. Playing sports at the park was a way to escape from the classroom giving me down time to see my friends and to play games. The one place I enjoy the most at the park is being on the baseball field. Evenings and weekends as a child were…show more content…
Soccer in the fall was the right choice for me due to the vigorous workouts for stretching and running. Although I enjoyed playing soccer I admit it does not have as much significance as the baseball field mainly because I was not as skilled at the sport like I was at baseball. Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy soccer and wanted to focus on baseball more. I felt fruitless in my endeavors to become a highly skilled soccer player. As time passed, my time on the soccer field fizzled for baseball took most of my attention like a shiny object would to fish. I remember running back and forth between two goals chasing the ball aimlessly in an attempt to kick it into the goal. During the games, the coach’s voices would often bark orders plays and other commands out but often unheard by the players. The excitement of the cheering fans from the sidelines and vastness of the park muffled the coaches voice attempting to call out plays led to their frustrations. Magically, the park would carry their voices away from the field and off to the abyss of the distant woods. The irony is as I often ran the park before stepping onto the baseball field; I could still hear the coaches crystal clear probably because I was not on the field. As I listed, I cherished moment listening to the coaches yelling at the top of their lungs knowing that none of the kids could hear them on the field but everyone who was not on the field could hear them loud and
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