My Favorite Class Short Story

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It was just another day at my good old american high school. I was in my favorite class, physics, taking notes on Newton’s Third Law.

“Hey Vince, you doing anything after school today?” My friend Brian asked me.

I liked physics not because of the of the junk they taught in the class, but the people in it. It was the only class that I had with Brian, my best friend since elementary school.

“Nope, I was just going to go home and play video games.” I replied.

“Great. Do you want to come to come to my house to play video games?” he said.

“Sure,” we’ve had this conversation dozens of times already. We didn’t need any additional planning.

I glanced across the classroom. There was one other reason physics was my favorite class. The girl that I had a crush on, Jessica, was in this
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All of your knowledge of the English Language has been converted to knowledge of the national Language of Raisin!

This screen is also now in the National Language of Raisin!

Who the fuck cares! I’m about to die!

Your soul and mana have melded into one! Good luck!

What was once a tiny green dot in the sky was rapidly expanding. Well, it was wasn’t really expanding. I was just getting closer to it, but it looked like it was expanding. I soon realized it was a vast forest.

I felt a branch slap my leg, shattering the bone into a million pieces. I closed my eyes, ready to embrace death. Instead, my left hand embraced a fruit from one of the trees around me.

The moment I touched the fruit, I felt a supreme connection with the universe. I was part of the universe, I simply existed. That connection with the universe rapidly diminished until the connection belonged solely to the fruit in my hand.

New Permanent Title : Vincent, “The Cultivator”!

I threw the fruit down to the ground, and it spread into a mass of fluff ten stories high. I crashed into it, but it was a comfortable crash. I had
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