Personal Narrative: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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To most, Post-traumatic stress disorder is a phrase synonymous with war veterans and coping victims. But to me, PTSD simply sums up my childhood. My mother immigrated to the United States when she was twelve years old. An orphan of the Cambodian genocide, she was scarred mentally and physically by years of enslavement and inconsolable abandonment. My mother’s PTSD gave way to her everyday paranoia, and being raised by her has made growing up very challenging. Conventional wisdom suggests that parents should provide food, shelter, and sporadic encouragement. Unfortunately, emotional support was understandably more difficult for my mother to provide. To fill that void in my life, I took advice from my siblings, books, and movies. Not only did…show more content…
My family has always lived in two bedroom apartments that was shared amongst eight to six family members. Each move got easier for me as I learned to adapt to change, however, each time was worse for my mother. The lack of stability began to reflect in her work ethic, which then led to her inability to maintain a stable job. It also engendered frequent fights between my parents, about money, family, and relationship issues. As my mother’s symptoms intensified, I had to rearrange my priorities to keep up in school. I am thankful to my family despite all that I’ve been through, because they’ve helped foster my ambition and motivation to succeed. Years of living in chaos and poverty inadvertently taught me the need to be solution oriented and the importance of good decision making. For instance, I made use of what I had available at home and school to complete school assignments. I also helped save money by taking advantage of free, online books and learning resources. Although it was often difficult to find reliable transportation, I found small ways to help those around me and make time for extracurricular activities. I was able to make the things I want happen, however, I aspire to be and do…show more content…
To me, programming seems to align with everything in my life that was lacking security, normality, and “syntax.” Growing up acquainted with PTSD has allowed me to push through difficult times and stay determined. I believe that a person’s future is not based on the opportunities and privileges given to them but rather, the opportunities that they seek and go after. Therefore, my unfamiliarity with the world of computer science doesn’t stop me from being optimistic with my future scholastic success. I want to excel in a male dominant industry and be able to be in the position to empower other young women to go after their dreams. I am excited to turn the page and begin the next chapter in my

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