Personal Narrative: Professional Diaper Changers

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It was Christmas Eve we just got home from the midnight church service. My family was all gathered in the living room of our home, getting ready to open the gifts we got from one another. After all the gifts were opened we were cleaning up, Alysia told Troy to go get the rest of the gifts from the vehicle. As we were instructed by my bossy sister, we all had to open our gifts at the same time. Doing as we were told we all began to open our gifts, I watched as my dad held up a little baby shirt, saying "well this isn't going to fit me", we all lit up with joy, because it was that Christmas Eve that we found out a little angel was going to arrive into our big world. The excitement was real at first, than the thoughts of how gross babies actually…show more content…
But I learned this the hard way, but thanks to a professional diaper changer, Troy Douglas, I successfully changed an explosive. Step 1, find a good smelling t-shirt. Step 2, tie that sucker around your face till you yourself cannot breathe. Step 3, have all your tools ready. Step 4, you have 30 seconds to get that diaper changes before you pass out. Step 5, grab the kid and evacuate the room. Some things I realized is you can never use to many wipes, the baby will cry the entire process if you are not good entertainment, and three always use the t-shirt strategy if you have a weak…show more content…
Before she was even two this kid was brilliant, well in my eyes anyway. She knew exactly how to win my heart, sharing all her snacks, juice boxes, and toys. Best of all she takes the blame for broken items around the house, this feature is slowly fading out I'm sad to say. I believe that she is truly thee funniest child I know, she's like a mini-me, pure entertainment. Even when she does something wrong, I can't help but laugh, I haven't figured it out if it's because of Alysia trying to hold it together to politely correct her, or because I feel like Avary knows very well that what she has done is very wrong. Avary does apologize though, even if you do something she will apologize for you before you realize what you've done is wrong. Don't think this kid is an angel though, there's always a button you can find to set her off, and let me tell you it is hysterical. There was a time when I can't even recall what I did, probably poking fun at her for something, this she does not find amusing. But as I sat on the couch one day, around the corner, barely coming in on two feet is lil' Lundynn, with an exciting Bell Bell chiming from her voice, this is the distraction, along with a cute little smile,which soon turns into an evil little smirk, and than a car toy comes flying and hits me in the face. My

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