Personal Narrative: Prologue To Soda

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I wake up from another one of my bad dreams and look over to see if Sodapop is still asleep. He’s gone. I decided to go see if Darry was home. He is gone too. I am completely alone and I just noticed that it is in the middle of the night. What’s going on? I decided to go back to bed and sleep. Maybe I’m just dreaming, Darry is always home in the middle of the night.

I can’t sleep, even though I want to. I’m worried about Darry and Soda. Maybe they went out with the gang and didn’t want to wake me up to tell me. Maybe they’re just outside taking a smoke. I can’t worry anymore. I decided that I need to go look for them. I quickly throw on my shoes and grab a jacket since it 's cold. I also grab a pack of cigarettes and my blade;
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He’s not in a good mood. It’s light now. I pull out two cigarettes and offer one to Soda. He needs them when he’s stressed. I do too. We’ve been walking around town for hours and I’m starving. It’s probably 11:30 already. After a long moment of silence, I say “We should go ask Cherry. Im sure she knows where Randy and the other Socs are. We found her at the movies with some of her friends. “Hey do you know where Randy is? We gotta talk.” Soda says sharply. Cherry replies “Last I saw him he was at the park by your house. He had Darry with him.” Oh no. What if they hurt him? He doesn’t wake up quickly when he passes out. He could be…show more content…
Loud yelling, and it sounds like Darry. I walk up to find that Randy is on Darry’s side. They are yelling at the rest of the Socs. This is wierd. Socs never are on the same side as Greasers. One of the Socs comes up to me and says “Hey get outta here. This is none of your business.” “He’s my brother!” I say. The Soc is getting mad that I won 't leave. You can see in his face. Randy says “Hey leave him alone. Darry is his brother!” Suddenly I hear shots fire. Lots of them. First I see Randy fall. He was shot. The other Soc says “Now you’re all mine and I don’t have to deal with him telling me what to do. I said leave. You leave or you die.” I don’t say anything. Darry is trying to stop him from hurting me. He won’t stop. I hear another shot but this time I don’t see anything and everything goes blurry. I was shot.

It can 't be true what just happened. It can’t. Suddenly I wake up in a panic. It was just a bad dream. Thank god. I don’t want to die yet. I look to my right and Soda is there and sleeping like a baby. I hear Darr downstairs cooking breakfast. I run downstairs and see him just to make sure it 's actually him. Sodapop comes downstairs and we eat breakfast. Everything is the way it should be. Darry says “Pony you ok? You look a little flustered.” I say “I 'm fine just a bad

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