Personal Narrative-Pyrrha Hagias

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one would think that bright lights, loud noises, and the cool breeze would be enough to keep anyone from sleeping. well, they’d be wrong. dead wrong. miss pyrrha hagias would be the cause, because not only did manage to fall asleep once, but thrice. she was close to her fourth nap of the night, bundle under jackets and blankets. they couldn’t let her freeze after all.

speaking of them, pyrrha poked her head up out from the blanket cocoon to look at the other horsemen. she snuggled the plush that ludo ( not for her originally but it was hers now ) won and delicately kept the fish ( again ludo’s prize that she took ) on her lap. the brunette stared at the back of ludo’s head as he pulled her wagon along. they must have been sight. rosie walking
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pyrrha cozied into her blankets more and pulled the fish higher for her to see. “i saved you. you’re mine now. when you die i might have keith eat you,” she said to it. “you need a name though…” she stared off, looking past the fish, dozing off again. she felt her head fall forward, catching herself and carefully put the fish down again. “i’ll think of name later…” she trailed off. her head thunked against the bench. she was out.

pyrrha woke up and looked at her companions. “that’s suppose to my cotton candy,” she mumbled out, her voice laden with sleep. she turned her head, pressing her cheek into the bench. “but you can lose your teeth,” she added nonchalantly. half listening to the rest of ludo’s and rosie’s conversation. more focused on the happenings around them. people glancing twice at them. partially for ludo’s height and partially for pyrrha’s wagon. pyrrha mentally scoffed, too tired to make any more expressions. she lifted her head off the bench, the cold wood making her skin itchy.

“i’m hungry now, since someone ate my candy,” she sniffed and stared expectantly at ludo. “and i won’t eat mable,” she amended, she wouldn’t be tricked, not a again. pyrrha brought the fish in a bag back into her view. “how long do these things last, anyways? a day? a few hours?” she paused. “how much longer do we have to wait for
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