Personal Narrative: Quebec Peewee Hockey Tournament

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The clock ticked down fast up on the jumbotron as the pace of the game gets faster and quicker. Both teams screaming, shouting, cheering, and encouraging at each other, eager to advance to the next round. The game gets more physical, and players are banging the other team’s players to the boards. Coaches are yelling to give us more confidence. This is the first round of the Quebec Peewee Hockey Tournament. Ok, let me go back to the beginning and explain this whole thing of what's happening. I was on this team called, “Hershey Quebec Team.” The team is very special and on February, the team goes to the biggest hockey tournament in the world called “ Quebec Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament,” which is held in Quebec. On February 10th, 2017 Hershey plays the first game against the…show more content…
And of course there is that one jokester in the team that makes everyone laugh which made our team better and more special and unusual. But, before the game starts, one of our players couldn't play ,and had to watch the game on stands because he was younger than most of us and can go to tournament next year too. He was half-crying and if I was him, I would probably cry too. So, my teammates and coaches made him feel better. After watching a video to get ourselves ready for the game, we headed down the hall to the arena, to play the first very important game. Finally, after the teams before us got off, it was our turn. We headed down to the arena, and threw three Hershey Chocolate Bars to the stands. People there come running down the steps and try to catch the chocolates. And afterwards, I looked around.It was just amazing feeling to be there. Music was playing, fans were screaming, and it was just loud. The lighting was very bright then the usual rinks in America that I played for the other teams. And after I see this, I promised myself that I would never forget this game and the
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