Personal Narrative: Quitting Sugar

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Quitting Sugar What?!?!?!?! Am I crazy? Why would I want to give up one of life 's tastiest sweet pleasures? When I told my friends and family what I was doing they assumed I was insane and said they could never do it unless they were forced, by gun. I 'm sure you 're thinking that exact thing right now. Believe me, I didn 't want to give it up but really felt that I had to. I had read a lot of success stories about people that had amazing results but I was secretly thinking they couldn 't possibly be true and I was absolutely certain I wouldn 't see any positive benefits. At least any that really made a difference, but I was willing to give it a shot because you never know and I 've been proven wrong before. After many hours of listening to…show more content…
The Ultimate Candida Diet book by Lisa Richards tells it like it is and doesn 't fool you into thinking you will start feeling great right away. I was so very, very hungry in the first week because the restrictions are the most stringent at the beginning. My body went into some kind of mode that made me feel worse than before I started the detox. I had a stomach ache, headache, joint stiffness, swollen glands, scratchy throat, muscle weakness, fatigue and serious brain fog. I considered giving up because I really didn 't think I could make it through the week. But I stuck with it because I had been prepared to feel really crappy and was looking forward to getting past those initial feelings. I did start to feel better once I passed the first week and could…show more content…
I suffered for nearly three days for those decisions, I felt very ill with an excruciating headache, joint stiffness and pain, fuzzy, foggy brain, ringing ears, depression and zero motivation. I was a slug and so disappointed in myself. By day three I started to feel a bit better and came to the realization that it will take me longer than eight weeks to truly kill the cravings. For now I will need to rely on my desire to feel really good in my body, mind and soul. At this point it is truly about willpower for me. The positive changes I have discovered far outweigh my cravings. Three days of physical pain are simply not worth the five minutes of pleasure I might have from eating a food loaded with sugar. I will continue on this path of sugar and sweet foods restriction because it really works for me. I know it will be hard and that I will face many challenges but like the gradual realizations of pain elimination, I hope to one day realize that I 'm not salivating over the candy in the grocery store. I can now say I 'm convinced that significantly reducing or eliminating sugar completely will benefit anyone. I can 't imagine one single person who wouldn 't discover some impressive improvements in their health. I have much more energy, my brain is clearer and hitting on all cylinders, my skin is better both in texture and clarity, my joint pain is gone, my neck stiffness has disappeared and as a bonus, the fibrous cysts in my breasts
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