Personal Narrative: Quitting The Marching Band

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It's hard to stay optimistic in a Challenge, sometimes you want to give up and quit. But in the end you have to stay with it. Whether it be getting a new job, starting college, learning to drive, working in a group you don't want to be in ,and even playing a new instrument. You have to try your hardest to stay together and keep going for your friends, family, and for yourself. One of the hardest challenges for me was switching instruments the end of the eighth grade year for the marching band that next fall.

My eighth grade year I decided to switch from flute to trombone. I played flute for four years before I decided I didn't want to march flute that year and since we had one trombones in the band and need more. I ask my band director if I could switch he said no. With a lot of going back and forth, finally he said yes, but I had to meet after school on Monday for help. In the end they really didn't help and I stop caring and practicing, My friend Layla found out
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Telling me that I needed to learn my place in the low brass section because it was my first year in low brass, and I didn't know anything since I was on a new instrument. Even though I could play better the Craig and marched better than Ozzy, because of them hating on me relentlessly. I left the building crying and was about to quite together until Layla became very angry and told them off. I was talk out of quitting by Brian and Layla because we need trombones and it would be not fun without me. The band director ended up making where low brass wasn't a section, everyone was there individual leaders. Which Ozzy a hissy fit over, because he wanted the section to be whole, but in the end he got over it. At the end of every Marching season, we have a concert and play every song we have played that season and awards are given out. Due to all my hard work and practicing I got the “Most Improved”
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