Personal Narrative-Racial And Intellectual Analysis

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As the sky faded from an orange glow to black. I would close my eyes and listen to hear the sounds of the night. My mother had asked me if I would like to come inside and watch television with my sister, but I said I wanted to wait outside a little longer to see if owls were close by. I was always considered to be an odd and unusual girl, and sometimes I was even given a second glance (not in a good way). Some odd and unusual facts about me, are that I grew up with two families, I like being shy, and art is a huge part of my life. For starters, I grew up with two families. I am bi-racial, meaning that I am mixed with two different races. Which might not be amusing, because over a third of the population is and probably in the next few years or so, many more will be. I am mixed with probably two of the liveliest breeds, Hispanic and African- American. Birthdays, reunions, and most get-togethers are a combination of colorful piñatas and loud R&B music. We always had plenty of food: paella, palatines, tacos, re-fried beans, yams, fried- chicken, coleslaw, and collard- greens. Once I even suggested that we open a restaurant and charge people five dollars a plate. I guess that’s the Hispanic in me. As a child, I really did not quite understand it, but I had two different worlds of culture in my hands, and both equally beautiful. I guess…show more content…
Honestly, I do not mind. I liked going to the library, walking by myself, and going to remote places. It’s not like I do not want people around or have the personality of Uncle Scrooge. I just feel at home with myself. When I was little, I would plan my own trips to the moon and pack my bag for Paris. I guess it’s rare that people at my age (teenagers) do not like to go to raves or parties, but I like to take things slow. Then again, I still have the emotions of a regular teen, and that’s why I like some quiet, fresh air, and

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