Personal Narrative: Racial Discrimination In America

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Ignorance is relevant by people asking what are you, assuming things about your culture, and segregating others. Race in America is a boiling pot of anger, and stereotypes. People tend to assume negative things about other cultures. Finding myself in a segregated ethnic group is a nightmare. Ever since I was little, I have been seen as just an Indian that does not know any better. Over here in the United States is the same, but people act instead of saying, and getting into my head.

Living in the United States has thought me the difference of skin colors on people, and how many levels of skin colors are there until they reach to white. People often ask me, what are you? And then they will ask me are you black? Filipino? And Mexican? Every time I talk to someone they don’t even bother on asking how old I am, because I look a lot younger than most folks. Often I get hard faces by people of other races when talking to me. For example, one day at Olive Garden my girl and I were waiting for a table of two. After 20 minutes of waiting for our table, a white couple comes in, and they don’t have a reservation. I can hear the conversation, and the front desk employee lets them have our table that we were waiting for.
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Sometimes people say racial remarks, such as that I eat beans every day, and so I am a “beaner.” Latinas often get harassed, and being called “tamaleras,” go back to your country. Most white folks tell me I have an accent, and so I need to speak American. That leads to them white folks talking on their own slang when talking to me. Sometimes I don’t even understand, because of the way they speak to make me feel

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