Personal Narrative: Racial Makeup Of High School

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• God and Angels was presented to me as white, I never saw or hear of any Santa Claus in my country, I only hear about the three wise men and they were mixed two light skins and one black. All my dolls were light skin.
What was the racial makeup of organizations you were in? Girl Scouts, soccer team, church, etc.? • The racial makeup of the church I used to go were all of the same race.

4. High School and community:
What was the racial makeup of your high school? Of its teachers? In high school there were people from different countries, who spoke different language. My teachers were mostly white Caucasian, African Americans, and a few Latinos.

Was there interracial dating? Racial slurs? Any conflict with members of another race?
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My parents abandoned me and my sister when I was 16 years old, I felt lost in a world I couldn’t understand and I couldn’t fit in. Now without the help of my parents how in the world I was going to face all the problems that were coming. I never said anything in school, but I was homeless and I needed support and one of my friends let me stay in her house for few weeks. I spent my four years of high school homeless and living with different friends, trying to overcome all the hunger and all the problems I was facing. It was hard, but I made it with the help of my friends, I not only learned the language but I graduated with honors. The love of my teachers helped me get through my problems; they helped me without knowing my situation. Most of my teachers were comprehensive, patient, and caring, just what I need to survive, they were the family I never …show more content…

Of your metropolitan area? What about your experiences in summer camp, summer jobs, etc.?

• The racial makeup of my summer jobs was a mix of Hispanics and African Americans. It was a great Experience working with different people and understanding every person point of view in different situations. I learned a lot from the people I worked with, they were the kind of people who respected race and do not stereotype people by their appearance.

5. Present and Future:
What is the racial makeup of the organization you currently work in? Of your circle(s) of friends? Does it meet your needs?
• I recently move to California and I met new people, but I didn’t have the chance to share any important moments with them. I hadn’t had the change to know them better personally; few of them are Philippines, Mexicans, White Caucasians, and African Americans.

Realistically, think about where you want to live (if different from where you are now). What is its racial makeup? Social class makeup?
• I want to live in A Caribbean Island, surrounded by humans regardless their race. The social class make up could be middle class, where everyone is not less poor or richer than the other, where anyone could achieve a

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