Personal Narrative-Racial Profiling

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As I step out of my car and into the field the sun is making my face warm. The sun makes my face feel warm. Like if you have ever pulled a towel out of the dryer and put it against your face. I am walking through a field with grass up to my knees. I walk up towards the pond I am going to be dove hunting at. I get to the bank of the water and look at the water. As I am watching the little ripples of the water matching the grass swaying back and forth with the wind. I then find the perfect spot to put my chair down. My chair folds out and makes a very loud screech noise. I looked up and I saw all the black birds in the trees fly away as if a gunshot went off. As I am sitting down in my chair I load my weapon. 1. 2. 3 shells are in my gun as the
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