Personal Narrative: Racing, Sport Or History

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Racing, Sport or History
There is no better feeling than hearing that engine kick over for the first time after all the hard work put in to make it run. Hearing the pistons pump up and down, the spark plugs igniting the gas pushing out exhaust, while the engine tears through the air; feeling the engine vibrate your body. This is an experience that everyone can relate to feeling and hearing. People never realize the amount of time and effort that is put into making a car run smoothly and proficiently. This is my life for as long as I can remember. Have you ever grown up your whole life doing the same thing day after day and take it for granted? I know, because I have. How is this going to help me through life? Why are these machines so important to my family, and how did this become such a big part of my family? My grandpa was the start of the racing era in my family, which led to my dad, my uncle, my older brothers, and eventually to me. As I grew up, I never thought racing would have an impact on my life, but through it I’ve gained some of my favorite life experiences, and my most memorable life lessons which led me to the person I am
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My uncle, Bruce, slightly taller than my dad with a full head of hair ready for speed, was the driver, and my grandfather was the auto body craftsman. This was the birth of the Harral racing team. Through out our race career we raced in Idaho, Montana, and Utah and were successful in each state. While we raced my uncle was the president of the Pocatello speedway. This helped our team to be well known to everyone. Ever since I can remember, this was our life. Every morning during the weekend, I would wake up to banging and engines screaming from the garage. I would walk outside in my pajamas and just sit and watch as my family did their handiwork trying to soak in as much as I could so I would be able to grow and do the
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