Personal Narrative: Racism And Discrimination

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I’m a boy born in Los Angeles, California but grew up in a place with a population of 148,483 and is about 128.4 million square miles. I technically say I’m from Kansas City, the dot, the one and only true royal’s fans city. I spent more than half my life living in this city, and its been amazing, yet wild, and quite sad at moments. I live a suburban community and I’ve witnessed so many innocent lives be headed to the wrong directions due to drugs, money, alcohol, theft, and even suicide. I have been offered to sell, and even try drugs at one point in life, and it is a serious issue, I isolate myself from the people that burdens to my goals. Honestly, my older brother and my parents have influenced me to be someone with potential. I’ve lost…show more content…
Many people tend to stay in their current situation or do as they please and stay enclosed into their social environment because it is familiar, even if it is not the best thing in the world. I personally realized that the farther I try to go, the more set backs I face. Racism and discrimination are one of the major ones, and it is sad how we still have people like that in this world. I stayed at KU for a summer program last summer and I was going to my ACT prep. Class and my friend and I were being teased because we were simply you Latino males. That wasn’t the first time but definitely not the last time either that it would happen. It is really sad honestly, words cannot express my emotions toward a touchy subject like that. One of the main things I love about Kansas City is the ambition, there are people more than qualified to do great things in sports, poetry, mathematics, college. Teens do what they love here and they do not care if they are judged as long as they are doing what makes them feel essential in their own manner. I am a Kansas city scholar, and I am more than willing to take the next step to post high school education. You know what they say “you have to be odd to be number
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