Personal Narrative-Racism Narrative

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walked out of the gondola at the top, and I could see the sun that is just about to rise behind the mountain further away. The sky was clear, and the cold temperature made my breath heavy. The snow crunched under my skis when I walked in the snow, and I felt that today was going to be a good day. I took two perfect runs on the slope before it was time for inspection of the course. I normally like when the course is changing from turn to turn, and the course today was just like that. I did the inspection run, and I realized that this is going to fit me perfectly. The week before this race had not really been as I hoped. I wanted to be prepared as well as I could for this race, but the strong wind the last week made everyone’s training except one canceled, and that training I struggled with pain in my knee. The Young Swedish Championships happened once a year, and this was my last year competing as a junior, so this was my last chance to make the podium in a Young Swedish Championship. The season had been good so far, and I had made huge progress. It was the end of March, and there was only a few weeks…show more content…
The feeling from earlier today is still there, and I start the first turns exactly as I wanted to. I get down in the steep part, and my skis are acting just like I want them to. I manage to pass the last gate in the steep part perfectly, so I get a lot speed out on the flat part. I pass the “trainers corner,” and from there on I just felt how easy skiing was. The turns were connected to each other, and I could really feel how I managed to increase the speed in every turn. I cross the finish line, and I take a look at the timing. Third best time in the race so far, and only half a second behind the fastest girl. I took a deep breath, and felt the happiness spread through my whole body. I stayed at the same position during the race, and could almost not understand that I had actually reached one of by biggest goals in my
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