Personal Narrative: Radeon Graphics

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It all started out as a normal morning, until 12:00 noon. My dad asked me to go to costco with him and I, as usual said “No not until I get a PC.” Which was the six words that made the miracle happen, the miracle that I wished that would happen months ago. “Fine if you come with me, we will buy one.” He replied. That was when I leaped up without thinking anything and got ready to go to costco. I had been asking for this since two months ago but he kept giving me the same response, ‘get all A 's and then we will think about it.’ I had all A 's except for math which was always a high B+ and I just couldn 't get him convinced. This time, I had an 85% in math and he was telling we he would buy it? I couldn 't analyze this because happiness that was filled in me allowed no space for thinking heavily.…show more content…
When we were in the car all I could think of was just how my PC would look, the reason I was getting this PC was because I wanted to run a game, Overwatch, which had just came out. This game was really complex and my Macbook couldn 't run it, Overwatch required a minimum of a AMD Radeon Graphics card. To get these graphic cards in a PC would cost you a minimum of $400. There was a still silence in the car when costco was just two minutes away, we took the exit on the 405 highway and there it was, In big red colors and every letter was capitalized - COSTCO. Under that was three blue lines followed by words WHOLESALE written in blue font and this was also capitalized. We got out of the car while I was just staring at the ‘COSTCO WHOLESALE’ symbol on top of the building and then I noticed that there was a little R written with a circle around it, I then also thought about how I should have noticed that a long time ago. “Is this the two thousandth time I am coming here” I thought to myself, which after all kind of true, I had been coming here for a while now and I also should have paid attention to the board. When I went in through the right side entrance, I saw
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