Personal Narrative: Reading Responses From Class

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The reading responses from class, and what we have learned about in the UETS, have been brought to life by this field experience at CAPES, and at Odyssey Elementary. To be able to analyze, and see in person, the methods we have been learning in class, gives me some new insights into what makes a teacher more effective. I observed the connections that teachers have with their students, and the dedication they provide to build strong learning environments, where students are learning and having fun. My experience with CAPES was sort of a rollercoaster, but I enjoyed almost every minute of it. This was a new experience for me, and I didn’t know what to expect. The first couple of days were chaotic and I felt like I was running around like chicken with his head cut off. I mostly chased my student around for the day trying to figure out what he wanted to do. We played a few games, went rock climbing, but nothing that stimulated his brain. I realize now that without proper planning, and a structured routine, no progress will be made. The second day I was assigned a partner to help with my student. Unfortunately, the situation got worse and Dr. Williams had to step in because he…show more content…
Being in Mrs. Weston’s 2nd grade class gave me the opportunity to see how an effective teacher engages her students in a strong learning environment. The connections I made were between the relationships the teacher had with her students, and how effective she was at delivering her lessons. When she asked a question, almost all of the students raised their hands. They were eager to participate. I believe this was done by building a safe learning environment, and providing encouragement for all students. The teacher is great at multitasking, she was able to assist multiple students doing various activities, and she had smooth transitions during subject changes. I noticed how effective her classroom management skills
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