Personal Narrative: Real World Environment Of Hamden High School

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College Essay Draft 2 Standing at the foot of my driveway, in the shadows of early morning, my excitement increased as the faint squeal of breaks grew louder. A few moments later the unmistakable yellow figure of a school bus appeared over the crest of the hill. Climbing aboard, making my way back, taking a seat, the excitement I had felt only a moment ago began morphing into apprehension, even fear, as my first day at Hamden High School began. After ninth grade, I began running scenarios, in my mind, how transferring to from a small homogenous coddled environment to the huge real world environment of Hamden High School was going to prove difficult. How often would I get lost while navigating it’s three-square shaped floors, filled with 2000 students and faculty not the 40 traversing a single floor that I was used? What other problems, which I had not even thought of? However what I found out surprised me. Not only did all the problems I faced turn out to be no big deal but the real world environment of Hamden High afforded me many opportunities that my small homogenous community could not. The multiple floors, the one aspect I imagined was going to be difficult to acclimate too proved to be not much of a problem at all. by the second day of school, I conjured a mental map, complete with the most expeditious route enabling me to transition smoothly from one classroom to the next. I would never have imagined that the…show more content…
I was astounded by the plethora of classes and extracurricular activities that were offered at Hamden. I was able to explore my interests by taking courses in physics, astronomy, and film as well as participating in after school activities such as Science Club, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), First Robotics Team, Sikorsky STEM Challenge Team, and Math Team. I am equally grateful for being surrounded group of
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