Personal Narrative: Receiving My First Job

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Receiving my first job was a huge mile stone in life, as it is for any teen. The feeling was equivalent to learning how to tie a shoe and being picked first for kickball. It was basically a moment where I truly became aware that I was growing up, that “this was it” I was finally going to cut the ties and become my own provider and finally prove myself and others, that I was capable of handling the so called “Real World”. However, upon entering my first job, most teenagers were unaware the of the reasonability that came with it. It was pretty much treated like a last period class, “as long as you show up you pass” kind of deal. When in actuality, it was much more. Working as a ride operator at a local amusement park, Lake Winnie. Many would…show more content…
It was a pretty nerve racking experience, and the night before I stood up to the crack of dawn, preparing myself for the questions that might be thrown my way. I had already applied for two jobs that week and haven’t heard a thing. However, it didn’t bother me none because I was determined to get this job. I recall walking through the amusement park towards the office. I felt the emptiness of it; and then all at once I imagined the children joyful running from ride to ride and the hearing the soft humming of the circus carousel, even seeing myself as a child begging my mother one more time before it was time to go. When I arrived, I stood in door frame where I was asked to wait by an older lady with a sweet voice. Then Suddenly, a man that can tower any human being stepped out of an office and approached me, I could have at that moment, feeling as if I’ve already done something wrong. I was frightened by his stature, and began to smile ear to ear out of fear. But to my surprise, he gave jumped as if seen a ghost and began to laugh crazily. He then shouted to the old lady with a joyful tone “This is what I’m looking for! With a smile that big we can beat Disney.” I laughed nervously along with him, relived that the worst part was
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