Personal Narrative: Recess In High School

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Beginning I was really excited to go to preschool. I liked going there because we really did nothing. Every time we had recess we would go and play in these little building, but I didn’t go in the building this time. I decided to follow Cody around. Cody was doing all these crazy things such as jumping off the slides. I thought jumping off the slide looked cool so I went to the top and jumped. Next thing I knew I was sideways. I tried to break my fall by putting my right arm down. When I fell, my whole right arm went numb. I thought I just hit my funny bone, but I wasn’t sure. I was feeling a little dizzy, so I went to a corner in the playground so nobody would find me. Middle When I went to go lay down the whistle blew which meant recess was over. It was hard for me to get up with one arm, so I was one of the last people in the classroom. My teacher asked my class how recess was and everyone said, “Great.” She told us to take our snow pants off. I was struggling with taking them off, and it…show more content…
When I made it to the school nurse, I took a seat. I still had tears running down my face, and over the intercom I could hear Mr. Wiley tell my sister to come to the nurse’s office. Next thing I knew I heard a knock on the door, and my sister walked in. She saw my arm and put her hands over her mouth. She came and sat with me while the nurse gave me an ice pack. I didn’t think the ice pack was going to do very much, so I gave a little chuckle. The nurse told me that she called my parents. When my parents arrived, they looked upset because they didn’t like seeing their child having a broken bone. My parents then took me to the Cresco hospital, and that was where I got my X-rays done. We all already knew that my arm was broken, so we thought it was pointless. When the doctor came in the X-ray room, he said that they couldn’t do anything, so we would have to go to the Decorah
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