Personal Narrative: Recess While Playing Basketball

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Recess that day was just like the others. I went to the basketball court and started shooting basketballs into the hoops. I felt a bit gloomy, like the weather. But little did I know how much worse I would feel at the end...................... Recess had just started, and I was already at the basketball court. I grabbed a basketball that bounced higher than me, and started shooting hoops. Slowly, everybody came to the court, and it went from me peacefully playing basketball to balls flying EVERYWHERE! The whole time, I had to duck down to avoid getting hit. But then my teachers called us in, and boy, did that change things for the worse........ I started walking out of the court, and just when I exited, I felt a hurdle of people behind me. BAM! Somehow, I was on the ground! I looked at my arms, my newly scratched arms. All of a sudden, everything went silent. I felt a drop of water roll down my cheek. 1 drop. 2 drops. 3 drops. And on that fourth drop, I knew I was having a mental breakdown. After I calmed down, I wiped the tears of my cheeks, and saw a drop of blood. I looked at all the people surrounding me and said "GET ME TO THE NURSE!". I felt arms grab me from below and I knew that I was going to the nurse.…show more content…
Nurse Reynolds told me to lay down and I did. I felt something soft touch my cheek, like cloth. I laid on the uncomfortable bed, thinking about how I could explain this to my mom. I started to fall asleep. Just sleeping. Then nurse woke me up with my bags. I knew it was the end of the day. THANK
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