Personal Narrative: Relapse Of Colorectal Cancer

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It was about 8 years ago when it happened, I couldn 't believe that this disease could deprive me of my mother like that. A little backstory to this very mysterious quote is that my mom, at the present time has had 3 cancers and is now having a relapse of colorectal cancer. So when I was 4 years old when I first found out that my mom had cancer and it was very devastating at the time, and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. I still do, of course, but after 8 years I learned to deal with knowing that my mom has cancer. It always hurt me inside to know that my mom was in pain or at the hospital and I had an insatiable need to help her but I couldn 't, All I could do is sit and stare because I 'm not a doctor or a miracle worker or any of the sort, and it still…show more content…
I think he began to play it off until I asked why I was coming back so early. So he told me that my mom was in the hospital and I suggested right away that we go visit her. Obviously I was concerned that my mom was hurt or something so I wanted to visit her. So then we went to the McLaren hospital in Flint and we asked the desk attendant where Dawn.A.Hill was and she said room 118 3rd floor. So we went up the elevator to floor 3 and I was worried at what I saw heading the floor. “Cancer and Heart Disease Care Unit.” So we went to room 118 and I was very worried when I saw my mom in the hospital bed with live 30 different tubes and iv’s hooked up to her. So I walked up and asked her what happened and what was the matter. She seemed very sad to tell me that she had cancer. Then I started to cry, but I was repressing the tears in trying to be as strong as possible. But I was told by her nurse that I could always visit her and that made me feel a little better about it. Over the next 3 years I kept on visiting with a schedule of every day until one day she wasn 't in her room anymore and her nurse told me that she
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