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On 04/04/2016 I Deputy R. Dean Hildebrand, responded to 3 Springs Street Jefferson City Montana, on a complaint of damage to rental property. Upon Arrival I spoke to the complainant Dianne Thompson. Thompson stated her rental house had been severely damaged by her previous renters Gene Marker and Tanna Ferradas Marker. While walking into the house I saw several windows had been broken. The porch lattice had been damaged. When I entered the house I saw the kitchen had been painted several different colors the stove had been painted blue. Thompson escorted me through the house and it appeared to be in very poor condition. Thompson stated the house was good condition when it was rented by Tanna Marker. I used my body cam to show the damage that was…show more content…
Thompson described how the house had looked when it was rented to Marker. I was taken to an out building and Thompson described how the building had been damaged. Thompson stated the shrubbery had been cut down. It appeared to me the whole property had been damaged. I followed Thompson to her residence and took a videoed interview. I received a completed statement from Thompson. Thompson stated she did not have a value on repairs to the rental but it would be a lot of money. Thompson explained her rental insurance would cover the repair of the house. But she needs a report but did not want to sign a complaint. I explained to her several times she needed to sign a complaint before I could cite Markers for the damage to the rental. I explained to Thompson she could still sign a complaint if she wished in the future. I took no further action in the matter. On 04/09/2016, I received a call from Thompson stating she wished to pursue charges against the Markers. Thompson will be supplied with a complaint form. Interviews with Markers will be arranged. A copy of this report will be sent to the County Attorney for review and possible

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