Personal Narrative: Rinnnggg, The Bell For Recess

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“Rinnnggg” the bell for recess had sounded, my first recess of my last winter in ND. I sprinted outside like a fireball. I was super excited for this winter; but would I want to leave it? Me and Logan met up with my friends and we talked about what we wanted to do for my last winter here. would we want to do what we normally do for winter. Or perhaps because it 's my last winter would we do anything different because i 'm leaving? We wanted to make this special. After we talked for a while, we went to the rocking chair in the playground. We saw other people trying to get up the “Rocky rocks.” The “Rocky Rocks” was just a stairwell that had bumps and such on it. The snow was coming down by us when we were in the Rocking chair, us being dumb little 2nd graders wanted to eat it. But we didn 't like having to pick it up all the time, so we decided to make snow balls out of it so we could eat it for longer. Recess was almost done and we still wanted to make eating snow more fun and better.The holes in the rocking chair…show more content…
Weeks after that people started taking over our “job” of giving out snow cones to people. Before these people had taken over he actually had a lot of people wanting “snow cones.” Even the big kids! (5th, 6th, 4th graders.) We really loved giving out the snow cones but we could never get outside fast enough to get to the rocking chair because the big kids would just toss they 're trays and get outside the longest. (In Grimsrud, you had to finish your lunch before you could go outside.(so if your tray was gone you could go outside.)And the only recess we had before lunch was the recess when you first came to school. I was always very hungry, so I never wasted the school food (It was actually good they 're) and because of that I never got outside before the kids who would take over our snow cone station. But if we ever got the station before the big kids, nobody would come so we just decided to get into the snow fort building contest that happens every
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