Personal Narrative: Rock-Tenn

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I worked for goodwill. They contract out to other businesses to help disabled, special needs an felons. Sometimes it is hard for certain people in life to get jobs. It is called Rock-Tenn, they recycle trash. They ran the trash down a conveyor belt. Sometimes it felt like the line was going 80 miles an hour. I had too get four different items: #1 plastic jugs, mainly hard plastic items. There was a bend in front of me an that is where the plastic went. #2 Is paper I had a bend on the right side of me for it. #3 card board the bend for that was behind me. #4 was trash I had two trash cans on the left side of me. I would have too get big pieces of metal, alumina , an sometimes pieces of a car would come through. I believe I most enjoyed it because
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