Personal Narrative-Roller Coaster Ride

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Everything was silent, except the sound of my rapidly beating heart.

I gazed around hoping for an exit, but the queue was long, almost taking the shape of a snake winding between two fences. Therefore, I remained standing, waiting for my turn to chance the horrendous ride. The smell in the atmosphere was stale almost as If it senses my fear. For a short distance of time, I glanced behind to notice two little kids a roughly nine years of age. They were calm, almost peaceful, they weren’t scared at all. It made me realize “Surely it couldn’t be that awful?” But boy was I wrong. The breeze felt cold on the backs of my shaking legs. In addition, it was obvious the weather would only grow worse from the grey clouds that hung above my head.

The queue had become shorter and so had my breaths as I watched the roller coaster loop around the track. My body was physically churning now as the group of people who stood before me stepped onto the ride, I knew that soon enough it would be my turn. I stood there like an emotional wreck, my heart pounding and knees weak from shaking. I delivered another quick glance to see if I could propose an escape route, although I knew it was too late. “Next Please,” I stared at the
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My heart became heavier as the carriage crept up the vertical track slowly like a lion hunting for it’s prey. Suddenly, it pounced. It was a quick drop, but in that moment I felt epic; my brown long hair stood up while my eyes gleamed with excitement, I knew after this, I had to do it all again. Soon enough, I was hit with loops and I could smell the excitement in the air, I felt overjoyed. Then came the loops these were the best elements of the ride, swirling and swooshing around everybody had their hands up in the air screaming with excitement. Much to my enjoyment the ride wasn’t over yet. It went round twice more before i had to come

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