Personal Narrative: Roscoe

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On April 1st, 2002 in New York love a little boy named Kendall. He was woken up to a scratching at his front door, he opened it and stood in awe it was a small brown dachshund dog. The little dog said “ Hey kendall I 'm Roscoe”. Kendall was amazed that this little dog could talk. Kendall told Roscoe to come in, sit and talk. “Why did you come here Roscoe”? My dad told me to get a job and so I came here. “Oh” Kendall said. How did you lose them Kendall? My family and I were having a game night and we were playing hide and seek and they have been hiding for 7 years now. “It 's ok I’ll help you find them Kendall” Roscoe said politely. Hopefully we don 't run into any cats on the way because one day I got attacked by one and It hurt really bad,

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