Personal Narrative: Run Of Glory

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Run of Glory
Ever since I was seven years old my best friend, Quinn Parker, and I wanted to play basketball for Downsby High School, the number one high school basketball team in America. We would train every day, no matter rain or shine, just so we could see the names Evan Johnson and Quinn Parker on the Downsby starting line-up. We played basketball together with the same team, and the same coach, at the same place. It’s basically my second home where I go to see my second family.
Our family was very religious. I grew up going to church every Sunday. The church was just about 25 miles north of my house. My mom would always tell me that every time I went to church that it opened up a new door in my faith and once I opened up all the doors that God would be able to answer all of my prayers. Every night after she told me that I would pray to God and tell him how I am so blessed to be able to live with my wonderful family and friends. Quinn’s family and my family lived together since we were five years old. Living in Detroit wasn’t very easy with gunshots being fired and street gangs selling drugs everywhere you look. My mom and dad both worked two jobs a day just to make enough money to feed my seven year old brother, Jadyn, and me. Quinn’s family has lived with us ever since his dad got caught up in a street gang
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Right as he was walking two large, muscular men dressed in camouflage outfits jumped out from the bush that the ball went into. They came out with huge guns and pointed them right at us. I tried to keep calm, so it would look like I wasn’t as scared. Quinn couldn’t help but scream and run, so I followed. The men ran right after us. I told Quinn to follow me. I hopped over a fence into someone’s yard. Quinn was right behind me. Right in that moment I hear the men behind us so I sprint over into the street weaving through houses without looking back until I don’t hear anyone. I dove into a set of bushes and peek

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