Personal Narrative: Running Down My Grandmother's Back Corredor In Salvador

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Running down my grandmother’s back corredor in Salvador trying to grab a hen. Exhausted of chasing back and forth for the hen under the shinny sun above me. It was extremely hot about 95 degrees Fahrenheit and I was dripping sweat all over the place. I couldn’t grab it because it was the first time doing it and didn’t know the correct way to do it. My grandmother came over since she saw me struggling and taught me the correct way. My grandmother said she was letting me do it my own way because she wanted to see how I grabbed it. She said that in order to a catch a hen easily we had to use a plastic hand poultry catcher. It is basically has a hook at the other side of the handle which helps to grab the hen’s leg. After so many attempts and taking about fifteen minutes to catch a hen, I was able to catch it within three minutes with the hook. After grabbing it from the legs, I also had to grab the neck and twist it until it was dead. My grandmother and I killed about six hens in order to make Salvadoran…show more content…
The next step was to cut banana leaves and aluminum to about twelve inches per seven inches shaped as rectangles to do the wrapping. Then, my mother grab a large spoonful of the masa placed it in the middle of the banana leaf and added chicken, potatoes, and garbanzos. After that she handed me the tamale so I can fold it tightly to seal it. Took use about an hour to make the one hundred fifty tamales. It was getting late already it was ten o’clock and the tamales still needed to be cooked. My grandmother placed the tamales in a steamer pot with slightly salted water in the bottom. Covered the tamales with leftover banana leaves, then a lid and finally cooked it in low heat. I was not going to wait until the tamales cooked because it takes about two hours to cook. Well I left my mom and grandmother alone and went to sleep because I had to be ready for the next
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