Personal Narrative: Running For My Life

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I 'm struggling trying to write my college essay wanting this to be the story that might determine my future. I 'm overthinking, Living in the most savage projects in Boston might be effective. Dodging bullets while gathering speed sliding down on the pavement of a one way streets trying to strive home getting closer and closer to the only location I feel protected at is my home. These streets really isn 't a joke this summer of 2015 there were more than 15 shots fire in my projects and more than half was either the location I just left from or the crowd I was with. Running for my life not coperheding why is it coming my direction. They mistake us for those who are their rivals. We have the Spanish community in the projects that meets up…show more content…
My father is my role model, well was my role model, even though I have no key to his existence. My father decided to leave the family when I was 13 years of age. At that age I already knew what was wrong from right. He was my hero but with no Cape, he was the sunrise to my eyes. I had . Growing up my teenage life without him was kind of hard he introduced me to sports, being a boy not a kid, eating food I never thought I would eat before, going to bed early and he 'll even make me do my homework as a child before being able to go outside. Well I replaced my father as being the man I desired to my uncle the man who motivates me on finishing at all and being successful throughout life because many people have chances but doesn 't let it sink in their heads hey got the advantage other people don 't. I 've had lots of chances and opportunities throughout my life and cause of his death I appreciate Every single one of them. I remember when my father decided to leave us and my strong values towards baseball was gone. My uncle was the reason why i continued with the Dominican sport baseball and that 's when I became a picture the position my dad always told me I was the most challenging because you have to maintain your throwing arm like it was a life of his own. My uncle and I are just alike we are streets smart, a Ladies man and dedicated towards education. I am capable of all the obstacles thrown towards me and ill be a man to my word to go
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