Personal Narrative: Running Through The Woods

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I’m running through the woods, it’s dark, the moon is full and high in the sky, I assume it’s around midnight, it’s raining hard, I run faster not daring to stop or look back fearing that he found out that I’m gone and running after me, this thought only encourages me to run faster. I see lights up ahead, maybe it’s someone who can help me, that thought made me become frantic, not paying attention anymore until I hit my head on a low branch, knocking me out instantly. When I awoke I looked around the room slowly careful of my head and body, I was in what seemed to be a man 's bedroom with black and blue walls, black and blue bedspread, a leather couch and chair, and pictures on the dresser of a boy and girl, probably brother and sister, from what I could see the boy had bleached white hair and the girl had blue and green hair. I looked to my side to see a note, three glasses of…show more content…
After I was done I stepped out, dried off, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, and got dressed, cleaning up any mess I might have made I cleaned up before slowly walking out of the bathroom back into Jackson’s bedroom where there was the girl in the photo waiting for me smiling sadly at me. “Hello” she said “I’m Jackson’s sister, Jackie.” she stuck out her hand quickly making me flinch slightly and slowly shook her hand smiling weakly “Hi Jackie, it’s very nice to meet you.” she smiled “So Jackson asked me to bring you to his office so he can ask you some questions, follow me.” she turned around and walked to Jackson 's
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