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STL Fire By: Nicholas Whittington My baseball team really stinks! "That 's it!" I told my mom after two of my Knights games. " I can 't keep playing with the Knights. We never win!" "Ok. We can look for a new team but, we have tried." "Ok." That night my dad checked on the KAA website for tryouts. He found a tryout for the STL Fire. "Here is a tryout for the STL Fire. Last season they were 8-2. It might be difficult to get into but, I think you could do it." "Ok," I said, "When is it?" "The day after we get home from Michigan." "I can do that." We went to Michigan and had a super time. It was a terrific week. When we got back I yelled, "One more day!" The next day when I was getting…show more content…
Right before I went out onto the field to play catch with two kids my dad nodded, "Good luck!" After we had warmed up the coaches had us catch pop ups. They hit the pop ups with a tennis racket. Next they had a hit. If we were not hitting we were in the field catching the balls that the other kids hit. After the tryout the main coach announced, "Good job everyone. We will email your parents to inform you if you made the team. We have 3 to 4 spots." When me and my dad were driving home I asked him if he thought I made the team. "I don 't know. I think you would be around the fourth spot so if they had three spots it would be close. I did hear though that they are going to create a new team called the STL Fire black." "Ok." Then we waited for the email. And waited. And waited. Well it really didn 't take that long but it felt like it. When we got the email it said that I had made the STL Fire black team but, because they didn 't have enough players for the STL Fire fall ball team so I could play fall ball with them if I wanted to. Of course I said yes. A week or two later I found out that my friend Ethan had tried out for the 11U team (I played 12U). The 11U coaches told him that he was good enough to try out for the STL Fire black 12U team. He made it! Now in the spring I will get to play with him. I can
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