Personal Narrative-Sacrifice

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All my eyes could make out was an extraordinarily tall, bright red figure beaming down at me. That picture was moderately clogged by squinting eyelids and eyes filled with water, tears were pouring down my tomato red face.
“What the heck is that smell?” my mother bellowed from her upstairs bedroom. The whole house stood in tranquility, as no one knew what had happened… except for me. In a panicked rush, I swiftly hopped onto the stool and attempted to reverse what I had done due to my horrible curiosity.
“Do I smell something burning down there, Joseph?” My brother and sister couldn’t be blamed, Zach was at a birthday party, and Maddie had been at a friend’s house since the day before. If only I had gone with my friends when they invited me
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Every step my mother took, I could hear the creek in the stairs as she stomped. She was known to be immensely deafening when angered.
I recall a abundantly smoky, burning scent, and which is what she was screaming about. I became exceedingly puzzled as to why she was screaming at me, I didn’t think I did anything. I glanced over at the counter and all the sudden, it hit me like a truck, Scooby Doo was on fire! I ought to do something!
As a little 4-5 year old, children tend to touch anything colorful, colossal, or shiny. As I was adventuring, I stumbled upon a Scooby Doo box of bandaids and was trying to find something to do with them. With a smile on my face, I picked the box up and ran out of the bathroom.
As my curiosity wondered, I spotted a shiny metal box, the toaster. As it caught my eye, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the colorful box of bandaids went into the peculiar metal square. So I propped a stool up to the counter and jumped up onto it. I then plopped the Scooby Doo bandaid box into the toaster, pulled the lever and waited excitedly. After about 10-25 seconds of the immense metal box doing nothing, I grew extremely bored. Since at 4 years old, I had a very short patience, I had left and almost took a nap on the
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